My Story

Mel and Shelli

Stress.  Adrenal Fatigue.  Insomnia.  Borderline High Blood Pressure. 60 extra pounds. Depression/Anxiety.  Hormone Imbalances.

Emotional eating.  Convenience foods.  Self-loathing.  Takeout.

Vegetarianism.  Weston A. Price.  Paleo.  Primal.  Intermittent Fasting.  Low calorie.  Low carb. 

I feel like crap.  I’ve got to make it better.  I’m eating back to good.


4 thoughts on “My Story

  1. Just found your blog from Angela at OSG from a great link she put up. Just started my own fitness blog, definitely in its beginning stages. I’m in NC too, near Raleigh.

    1. Thanks, Shannon, for the kind words. I’m going to check out your blog! My husband drives by Raleigh every week heading to school in Wake Forest.

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