I Continue to be Drawn to Food and Healthy Living, Despite My Greatest Efforts to the Contrary…

I’ve been doing exercises from the book The Artist’s Way in an effort to reconnect with my own creativity and right-brain, to undo years of damage done by corporate America and the need to figure out a way to survive life.  Some things have happened in the past several month that have made me realize that I shouldn’t be just trying to “survive,” but I should be seeking to “thrive,” to enjoy life and to consider more than just my ability to be a financial provider and overworked grad student.  One of those exercises was to make a list of things that I’m passionate about.  I filled a page pretty quickly, in totally random patterns, not paying attention to lines or directions.  However, what dominated my page was food, fitness, and the pursuit of greater health.

What led me away from this blog was the overwhelming nature of most food/healthy lifestyle blogs:  the need for daily (and sometimes twice-or three-times-daily) posts, the need for five or more pictures per post, the need to be constantly upbeat, excited, and quite possibly over-caffeinated about my life…you know the drill.  I’m just going to be candid here; I don’t have it all together.  And I can’t pretend that I do.  I am still overweight, despite efforts with some success.  I still have fifty or so to lose, and I can’t pretend that every day is a wonderful, interesting adventure full of exciting destinations and super-colorful food.

But, I don’t want to not food blog, so…what am I to do? 

I’m going to blog about the real struggle of weight loss.  That’s something at which I am an expert.  I’m going to shoot for three posts per week, instead of the overwhelming seven.  I promise you discussions of the emotional and philosophical side of weight loss and dietary/lifestyle changes.  And don’t worry, I promise to still have a good amount of food prOn and recipes here.  It’ll just be more “me,” now.  If you’ve been here before, I hope you’ll stay with me…and if you’re new, WELCOME:).

Here’s a little “wilderness-food-prOn” for you…home fries and coffee perculating over a fire, courtesy of my husband, Mr. PhD, during our camping weekend at Moonshine Creek Campground in Balsam, NC, last fall: