Camping, AKA, Time Spent on Walden Pond…

I honestly did feel like Henry David Thoreau for much of the camping trip, sitting in nature in the quiet, enjoying the sounds of the birds and squirrels.  I did enjoy the company very much as well, though; we went with our friends James and Shannon, who are a very laid-back couple as well and were content just to sit by the fire for much of the trip also.  James is shipping out for his second tour in Iraq next month, so we wanted to have a good hurrah to sustain him until he gets back next summer.

I’m light on food pics, so I’ll give you trip pics today, but I’ve got my trusty camera with me today and I’m sipping in a Green Monster right now, so you can expect normalcy tomorrow:).

Friday, we left home at about 11:30 and headed for Brevard, NC.  It was only about a 2.5 hour trip, which wasn’t bad; we stopped midway through for some lunch.  I got a footlong Subway veggie delite on wheat with no cheese, and ate half of it on the way and saved the other half for after we got set up.  The balance of Friday was spent making a fire and relaxing by it.  The boys made burgers for dinner, so I had my Morningstar Farms veggie burgers and some chips, and maybe one or two of Shannon’s delicious Amish Chocolate chip cookies.

Saturday was activity day; we visited two waterfalls, Hooker Falls and Triple Falls.  Here’s Hooker Falls:


And here’s Triple Falls:


It was quite the hike to get up to Triple Falls, but my ankle did okay (but it’s a little sore now from all of the hiking).  Here’s James and Shannon on the trail:


That’s Shannon’s dog, Kodiak (Kodi); he’s a Newfoundland, so he’s huge and everyone really got a kick out of him on the trail.  He’s such a sweetheart, too:)

After the waterfalls, we drove to the very top of the mountain and stopped at a viewpoint on the Blue Ridge Parkway:


Amazing, eh?  It’s Cold Mountain, from the book by Charles Frazier and subsequent movie.  Here are me and Joey at the sign:


Yep, I look terrible.  *sigh*.  Things have been so out of balance with the ankle and then with the Mom thing.  Joey’s been away for two nights a week for the past three weeks because of school, and I haven’t been able to get to the gym.  I feel like a total sloth, honestly, and I don’t even want to step on the scale.  But, his class will be over tomorrow and life should return to some semblance of normalcy.  I’m really looking forward to that.