I’m Baaaaack: AKA, “The Moment”

Well, I tried my hand at combining my two blogs and it just wasn’t working out.  It also wasn’t keeping me honest about what I was eating and (not) doing in the way of exercise.  So, I’ll keep my regular blog for knitting, simple living and frugality, and I’m baaack to food blogging over here:).  I missed it, to be honest.

Anyway…so, to “The Moment.”  Here’s a pic from our Christmas musical last year:

Notice that I’m already looking a little uncomfortable in my top (unlike my friend Katie, who’s just fine).  So, I’m about ten pounds heavier this year.  And I am noticeably uncomfortable in my top.  And, like last year, I have a solo.  And, it’s during a pretty rocking song.  And, I can’t really move that well.  So, I’m kind of humiliated that I’m having this issue.  This year is a wash…there’s nothing I can do to make myself more comfortable today and tomorrow.  But it won’t be that way next year, I can tell you for sure.

I had a similar moment when I lost my weight initially at 13.  I couldn’t fit into a dress I liked when I was getting ready for church.  I’m having that moment again.  It’s mortifying to stand in front of a couple thousand people in a top that’s too tight.

So, I’m back…not necessarily with my tail between my legs, I don’t think, but with new resolve.