What to Expect When You’re (NOT) Expecting

Oh yeah…if “the moment” on Thursday night wasn’t bad enough…yesterday, between the two performances, someone actually asked me if I was expecting.  I was mortified, horrified, embarrassed, saddened, and a host of other emotions, of course.

This woman…she broke the “women’s code.”  Never ask another woman if they are pregnant.  Never.  Even if you’re a labor and delivery nurse and the woman is on your table screaming that it’s time to push.  Just keep your mouth shut…seriously.

But she didn’t…thankfully, I was with my two best girlfriends who took it in stride and helped me to move on to another topic.

But I still went home and cried.  And I only did the performance that I had to do today and then went home so I didn’t have to deal with looking/feeling like a sausage stuffed into that top.

I was like…”God, I already had ‘the moment’ on Thursday night…did we really have to take it to the next level of humiliation??”

Anyway…I’m lacking in positive things to say, other than that school is done for the semester and the musical is over for me now.  It’s one that I’m definitely ready to forget.

Food pics to arrive tomorrow!!  I didn’t take any today because I didn’t eat much…didn’t want any food on my stomch to mess up my singing.  🙂


I’m Baaaaack: AKA, “The Moment”

Well, I tried my hand at combining my two blogs and it just wasn’t working out.  It also wasn’t keeping me honest about what I was eating and (not) doing in the way of exercise.  So, I’ll keep my regular blog for knitting, simple living and frugality, and I’m baaack to food blogging over here:).  I missed it, to be honest.

Anyway…so, to “The Moment.”  Here’s a pic from our Christmas musical last year:

Notice that I’m already looking a little uncomfortable in my top (unlike my friend Katie, who’s just fine).  So, I’m about ten pounds heavier this year.  And I am noticeably uncomfortable in my top.  And, like last year, I have a solo.  And, it’s during a pretty rocking song.  And, I can’t really move that well.  So, I’m kind of humiliated that I’m having this issue.  This year is a wash…there’s nothing I can do to make myself more comfortable today and tomorrow.  But it won’t be that way next year, I can tell you for sure.

I had a similar moment when I lost my weight initially at 13.  I couldn’t fit into a dress I liked when I was getting ready for church.  I’m having that moment again.  It’s mortifying to stand in front of a couple thousand people in a top that’s too tight.

So, I’m back…not necessarily with my tail between my legs, I don’t think, but with new resolve.